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Exhaust Manifold Replacement 08 Lancer EVO X 10 Equal

Price: $450.00
Item Number: 423-20134-005
Manufacturer: Kinugawa

Application EVO X 10 Exhaust Manifold equal length

- SS304 Stainless 

Flange Thickness - 0.43 inch
Condition Brand New
Note This Exhaust Manifold compatible with factory and made from stainless steel.We devised a pipe shape and a diameter to not disturb a flow of exhaust emission and reviewed balance between exhaust flow quantity and exhaust pressure. As a result, start of a turbo in the whole rev became smooth. It is possible to disappear to blow down completely by separating it into 1-2 and 3-4 just before the turbo becomes 50m/m by designing it to be 4-2-1 manifold, and designing it to stand up smoothly from the low rotation. We introduces completely different exhaust system compared with the maker of original exhaust manifolds