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Genuine BorgWarner Supercore EFR 6258 1158710500 / Aluminum Bearing Housing

MSRP: $1,269.00
Price: $1,209.00
You Save: $60.00
Item Number: 403-06066-003

Product Info:

Item Name Genuine BorgWarner Super Core EFR 6258
Item NO. 403-06066-003
Application BorgWarner EFR Turbo 6258
Features - Ultra Low-Mass Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheels
- Mixed-Flow Turbine Blade Design
- Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Cartridges
- Aluminum Bearing Housing
- Flexible Orientation Compressor Cover
- Forged Milled Compressor Wheels
- Integrated High-Flow Wastegate, Boost Control Solenoid Valve, 
Speed Sensor and Compressor Recirculation Valve
- Simple Orientation
Specifications Aluminum Bearing Housing
- B1 Turbo Frame Size
- 49mm Compressor Inducer Dia.
- 62mm Compressor Wheel O.D.
- 58mm Turbine Wheel O.D.
Note All parts shown on eBay will go with box
Condition Brand New