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KINUGAWA TURBO Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 TD06 billet 25G 10.5T with Anti-surge cover

Price: $1,049.00
Item Number: 321-02034-056
Manufacturer: Kinugawa

Application 4G63T Mitsubishi EVO9 / EVO IX / EVO 4~9
Bearing Type Journal Bearing / Performance Thrust Bearing Kit with larger thrust ring and flinger.
Cooling System Water cooled
Compressor Wheel 60.2/78mm (25G)
Turbine Wheel 54 / 61 mm (11 Blades)
Turbine Housing 10.5T
Actuator Pressure 1.2 Bar
Turbo Boost Limit 2.8 Bar (Based on Performance bearing kit with larger thrust bearing )
Brand New
1 year

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30psi 4:11 FD Great mid range turbo
Efrain Nunez (Pensacola, FL) 12/3/2015 3:27 PM
Had the turbo installed for about a year and no issues and no problems. The only complaint I had was the wastegate spring included is RATED to MAX 15PSI which is less than stock. The option to select the spring should be mandatory. However the 30psi spring holds boost throughout Power Band on a 4:11 final drive smoothly. +400hp on lightly modded 2.0 with reliable daily drivibility.
Great Turbo!
Nicholas Seeto (Cairns) 3/14/2015 1:01 AM
Very Happy with Turbo, bought it with a 30 psi spring for the wastegate, got the ported option aswell, 1 week in, no dramas, Turbo is running at 400HP at the wheels @ 28 psi. Sounds awesome! Very happy with product :)
Awesome turbo
Stephen (Frisco Tx) 7/1/2013 5:55 PM
Amazing turbo bolts on to oem without an issue, the turbo makes the car alot quieter,when you boost it sounds like an o2 dump and gets loud, and my milegae increased on my car as well. Only things to keep in mind is it doesnt come with the coolant and oil line bolts to hold them in place and dont forget to tighten up the wategate holder. The spring they give you lets you boost up to 14lbs I got up to 20 with a mbc. Great turbo but the site needs to let you choose ehat spring you want to run.
25G on Evo 2.4 LR
daniel perez (sanford, FL) 8/31/2012 9:47 PM
Over all very impressed with the power potential for this turbo on this price range,the car put down 439@30 psi on lightly modded 2.0L,then on my fully built 2.4LR it put down 472 at only 22 psi on 93 oct,with great spool and response,can't wait to see what it can do on high boost and race gas,very promising turbo!