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Turbo Stud Kit w/ Egged Copper Nuts M10x1.25 EVO DSM TD05H SUBARU STI VF34

MSRP: $24.90
Price: $22.90
You Save: $2.00
Item Number: 315-05101-102


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Item Name


Turbo Stud Kit M10x1.25 EVO DSM TD05H SUBARU STI VF34


Item No.






-  Mitsubishi DSM  1G, EVO 1~3, EVO4~10 Turbo 

-  SUBARU TD05H / TD06 / IHI RHF5H, RHF55, RHF5HB VF22, VF30, VF34… 





- 5 x M10x1.25 stud (Total length 43mm) 

- 5 x M10x1.25 nut





- Studs: SCM 440

- Nuts  : Copper Egged nut to avoid vibrating loose and save you from shearing the 
             stud when you attempt to remove them.





- What you see is what you will get.


- Please double check your turbine housing thread before you order this kit.