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Kinugawa offers a wide range of direct bolt on turbochargers.
Kinugawa believes that upgrading a turbo should be a simple job -
making it simpler for our customers means more people can enjoy
the amazing feeling of boost from a turbo. All Kinugawa turbos come
a complete install kit, including brand new oil and water lines,
gaskets, bolts, 
and fittings. Replacing a direct bolt on turbo is as simple
as unscrewing a few 
fittings; however, a professional install is recommended,
as there are some 
case-by-case issues to watch out for.
All turbos from Kinugawa are assembled and balanced with
care. The wheels are balanced individually before being assembled
together into the cartridge. After being assembled into a cartridge,
a core balance is done at speeds of over 100,000RPM to below 5MG.
This ensures the turbo’s durability and quality. A one year warranty
comes with all turbos made by Kinugawa, and although warranty
claims are solemn, we do take every claim very seriously.
Kinugawa also carries other brands of turbochargers. We are
able to find reliable sources from all around the world and keep
it at a reasonable price for buyers. However, we do not
offer warranty on turbochargers not made by or branded as

Turbo services are also part of our expertise. You may contact
Kinugawa for any turbo related issues even if the turbo is
not made by Kinugawa. All turbochargers serviced by Kinugawa
will be under Kinugawa’s warranty program. Services areas may
vary depending on the location of the turbo that needs services.
Other than turbos and turbo parts, Kinugawa also supply a wide
range of vehicle or mechanical parts. These parts are listed in this
catalog, but not limited to what is shown. Please visit our website to see more of our items available.

Wholesale inquiries are welcome. Please email us about any
questions, inquiries or wholesale propositions. We can be reached at