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Kinugawa Turbo Cartridge CHRA KKK K03-029 K03-005 AUDI A4 VW Passat SKODA 1.8T

Price: $549.00
Item Number: 303-02106-001
Manufacturer: Kinugawa

Application K03-029, K03-049, K03-011, K03-022, K03-025, K03-026, K03-035, K03-044, K03-045, K03-055
Product Situation - Brand New and Ready to Competition.
- CHRA was balanced by SCHENCK MBRS 110 Germany.
Wheel dimension - Compressor Wheel : 46.3 / 60 mm ( Inducer / Exducer)
- Turbine Wheel: 45 / 40.3 mm (Inducer / Exducer)
Thrust bearing kit Thrust Bearing Kit
Cooling system Water & Oil Cooling System