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Kinugawa Turbocharger 2.4" Cover TD06SL2 w/ Garrett 60-1 and 8cm T3 V-Band

Price: $899.00
Item Number: 0100-828-051 (301-02001-083)
Manufacturer: Kinugawa

Kinugawa 2.4” Cover / Internal Gated RB20DET / RB25DET Turbocharger

TD06SL2 Core with Garrett 60-1 wheel & 8cm Turbine Housing

Item Name

Kinugawa 2.4” RB20DET RB25DET TD06SL2 Turbocharger with Garrett 60-1 wheel and 8cm Turbine Housing


 0100-828-051 (301-02001-083)


l   Nissan RB20DET, RB25DET

l   Bolt on to stock exhaust manifold and intake pipe.

l   Cover outlet needs to be modified with silicon hose.

l   Dump pipe needs to be connected by V-Band adapter.

CHRA Size:

l   TD06SL2-601

Wheel spec

l   Compressor wheel: 60 / 76 mm (Garrett 60-1 Wheel)

l   Turbine wheel: 54.1 / 61 mm (TD06SL2 / 11 Blades of Inconel Wheel)

Compressor Housing

l   A/R 60

l   Inlet Dia. 60mm / 2.4”

l   Outlet Dia. 51mm / 2”

Turbine Housing

l   8cm / AR 57

l   T3 Inlet Flange

l   Internal Gate

Bearing Type

l   Journal Bearing

l   KAMAK Performance Thrust Bearing Kit

Cooling Type

l   Water-Cooled

Watergate Actuator

l   1 Bar / 15 psi

l   0.5Bar, 0.8 Bar, 1 Bar, 1.2 Bar, 1.5 bar actuators are available, please contact us if you need it.

l   Actuator position can be 360 Deg moved easily.

Max Hp

l   300~450HP

Turbo Boost


l   2.8 Bar (Based on Performance bearing kit with larger thrust bearing )



l   1.5 bar / 22 Psi



l   Brand New

Kit Includes

l   1 x Oil feed line kit ( 60 cm Braided Line )

l   1 x Oil drain pipe kit

l   2 x Coolant line Kit

l   2 x Turbine Gasket ( Inlet + Outlet )

l   1 x V-Band Adapter

Upgraded By

l   Kinugawa Turbo, Japan


l   One Year Warranty

l   Life Time Service