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KINUGAWA Ball Bearing TURBO Mitsubishi EVO1-3 DSM VR4 TD05H 20G with 3" Cover Anti-surge

Price: $999.00
Item Number: 353-02034-067
Manufacturer: Kinugawa

Application 4G63T Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 1~3, Galant , DSM
MHI P/N 49178-01470
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Cooling System Water cooled
Compressor Wheel 52.5 mm / 68 mm (Inducer / Exducer) Billet Wheel
Turbine Wheel 49.1 / 56mm (Inducer / Exducer) 9 Blades
Turbine Housing 7cm turbine housing with larger  34mm flapper
Turbo Boost Limit 2.8 Bar
Condition Brand New
Warranty 1 year
Note Modification Required