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Upgrade Turbo Heavy Duty Bypass Valve BOV Blue Spring 10lb Volvo 850 S40 SRT-4

MSRP: $30.00
Price: $27.00
You Save: $3.00
Item Number: 424-20201-016
Manufacturer: Kinugawa

Mitsubishi / Volvo / Genesis Coupe 2L / SRT-4 TD04H / TD05 / TD06

Upgrade Compressor Bypass Valve Spring 10 lb


2400-051-010 (424-20201-016)

Item Name

Mitsubishi TD04 / TD05 Turbo BOV Upgrade Spring 10 lb (BLUE)


-    All TD04 / TD05 turbo BOV made by Mitsubishi such as VOLVO 850 / S70 / S40 / S60 / S90, Dodge SRT-4 TD04LR, TD05HR Mopar turbo, Hyundai Genesis Copel 2L TD04L turbo…

Spring Selection

-    The stock spring is 8 lbs and good for upto 12 lbs of boost. The blue spring is 10 lbs and good for up to 17 lbs of boost. The red spring is 14 lbs and good for up to 25 lbs of boost.


-    It's better to go conservative with your spring selection, if you're running 16 psi boost, run the 10 lb spring as it is the closest given your boost pressure. If you're pushing 19+ psi then step up to the red 14 lb spring.



Brand New


1 x 10lb blue Spring

Made By

Kinugawa Turbo, Japan


One Year